Beam Suntory is launching a world first in Australia this July as Canadian Club 8 Year Old joins the portfolio.

The liquid has a higher rye and barley content than the Original 1858 and is expertly distilled and matured in char-treated American white oak barrels to create a rich, smooth flavour.

The extra ageing of Canadian Club 8 Year Old, combined with a slightly higher rye content, creates a richer, smoother flavour that has the versatility to be drunk neat or with a mixer.

Australia is a priority market for 8 Year Old, with Canadian Club leading growth in the New Age Whisky category, experiencing year-on-year growth, at more than eight percent in the last year.

Canadian Club 8 Year Old brings a more refined and mature taste and will be the first of Canadian Club’s full bottled spirits to see a packaging refresh, with the full range refresh rolling out across the rest of the year.

“We are investing in packaging and innovation for all Canadian Club full bottled spirits to help consumers better navigate our range and provide a more premium offering as Australians look to trade up their drink,” says Tiffany Madsen, Canadian Club marketing manager.

“Through the introduction of 8 Year Old, we are able to increase our range of age statement products within our portfolio, enabling more experienced drinkers to step up from the 1858 and explore a more developed whisky.”

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