Whether you work front-of-house, in the kitchen, or at the bar – how to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious is something that is on everyone’s mind.

At this year’s Hospitality Leaders Summit, four of the industry’s leading eco warriors will be taking to the stage for a 30-minute panel.

They’ll be sharing how they’re being more environmentally conscious in their approach, along with strategies everyone can use to lower their environmental impact across their venues.

Melbourne’s Luke Whearty of Byrdi will be on hand to chat all things locality and low-wastage when it comes to drinks.

His work at Byrdi has seen him experiment to get second, if not third uses out of ingredients to lower waste and craft unique, location-driven cocktails.

Alejandro Saravia of Farmer’s Daughters has been championing local Victorian produce for years with his farm-to-table dining offering.

He’ll be sharing how he’s created vital relationships with local producers to craft a menu reflective of area and season.

Jungeun Chae and Yoora Yoon – the duo behind Korean six-seater Chae – will also be on the panel sharing their fermentation philosophy.

They’ll also speak on how they manage their food wastage as a venue of their size and the perks that can come with this smaller operation.

One of the best ways to reduce wastage, lower emissions through packaging, transport, and ordering is to grow your produce on-site with a kitchen garden.

Blayne Bertoncello has done this at Oh.My in Victoria’s Beaconsfield and will be sharing his low-waste techniques he implements in the kitchen.

Hospitality Leaders Summit will be held on 31 July at Metropolis Events, Melbourne.

To see the full line-up and purchase tickets for the early-bird price of $199, visit hospleaders.com.au