Victoria’s Big Drop Brewing Co. has launched two low-alcohol beers; Pine Trail pale ale and Uptown Craft lager.

The American pale ale features rosy floral aromas with a lime citrus bite and bitterness to finish, with the lager featuring a hint of caramel with peppered spiciness and an orange finish.

The two beers are the latest to join Big Drop’s portfolio of beers with <0.5% ABV. The brand also brews low-alcohol stout, brown ale, golden ale, hazelnut porter and a sour.

A ‘lazy yeast’ is used during brewing to achieve such a low alcohol content, with brewers also utilising over 20 types of grain to amplify flavour.

“We don’t just use barley, we use barley, rye, wheat and oats and a number of different varieties of each,” reads the brewery’s notes. “We also use lactose which boosts the mouthfeel of our beers and avoids the watery texture that blights many alcohol-free beers.”

Dan Murphy’s and BWS are now stocking the pale ale and lager which are available to purchase in four packs.

Image credit: Catherine Black

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