Australia’s thirst for champagne is continuing to rise with the latest figures stating that imported bottles increased by 24.31 percent to represent 8,110,106 bottles in 2015.

According to Elisabeth Drysdale, director of the Champagne Bureau, Australia, the growth places Australia as the 6th largest market in the world when it comes to importing French bubbles.

“Australians are more educated and passionate about Champagne than ever before. Over the last few decades, we have always remained in the top ten markets for importing,” says Drysdale. “Given we are also a wine producing country and are increasingly more educated about other wine regions around the world and in particular the Champagne appellation, I believe these figures are consistent for 2015.”

Facts and figures from the Comit Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne 2016:

Human data:

  • 4,461 winegrowers selling Champagne
  • 39 co-operatives selling Champagne
  • 306 houses

Grape varieties:

  • Pinot Noir 38 percent
  • Meunier 32 percent
  • Chardonnay 30 percent

Top ten export markets:

  1. UK 34,153,662
  2. USA 20,508,784 7.
  3. Germany11,907,887
  4. Japan 11,799,246
  5. Belguim 9,210,659
  6. Australia 8,110,106
  7. Italy 6,359,572
  8. Switzerland 5,410,288
  9. Spain 3,909,345
  10. Sweden 2,924,854


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