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Australian Bacon Week runs from 25 June to 1 July, celebrating 100 percent Australian bacon and drawing attention to the competition local bacon faces from imported products.

The Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards are a highlight of the week, finding and celebrating the very best Australian bacon.

“This year more than 125 bacons were put to the test by a specialist judging panel,” said Australian Pork Limited marketing manager, Mitch Edwards.

“Fleischmeister Horst Schurger and chefs, Simon Bestley and Paul McDonald, assessed the appearance, aroma and taste of the products, noting that processors had again improved their products.

“The ACT’s Griffith Butchery took out top honours, winning the overall award as well as first in full rasher, while Barossa Fine Foods, SA, took out best shortcut bacon. Congratulations to this year’s winners, but also to the entrants who received such positive feedback from the judges.”

The judges described the winning bacon from Griffith Butchery as being beautifully presented with a nice shape, a mild aroma, a lasting flavour and a very good texture. Barossa Fine Foods’ winning shortcut bacon was a prosciutto-style, with a nice colour and aroma, great flavour and true to style.

“It still shocks people to learn that more than 70 percent of bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork,” Edwards said.

“Australian Bacon Week is about celebrating our best bacon, but also reminding people that they need to look for our pink PorkMark logo or the words ‘Product of Australia’.”

Australian Bacon Week runs until 1 July, with more information, participating restaurants and recipes available from

The winners:


Overall winner

Griffith Butchery, Griffith, ACT

Full rasher

  1. Griffith Butchery, Griffith, ACT
  2. Kanmantoo Bacon and Quality Meats, Kanmantoo, SA
  3. Meatways Kambah, Kambah, ACT

Short cut

  1. Barossa Fine Foods, Edinburgh North, SA
  2. Rob’s British Butcher, Dandenong, Vic
  3. German Butchery, Mona Vale, NSW

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