The CSIRO and Norco launch are shaking up the dairy-free milk industry with the launch of Eden Brew.

The company has plans to release a range of dairy-free products, but are first focusing on replicating cow’s milk by utilising innovative fermentation techniques.

Eden Brew intend to use science from the CSIRO to recreate the same proteins found in cow’s milk known as casein micelles, ultimately allowing them to ‘brew’ the milk.

The end product is lactose and cholesterol free and mirrors the same frothy, creamy and milky consistency as regular cow’s milk.

“Using deep science expertise in flavour, texture and precision fermentation, Eden Brew capitalises on the alternative protein market, which is growing at around eight per cent each year in Australia,” says Dr Larry Marshall, CSIRO chief executive.

Norco is Australia’s largest dairy co-operative and has backed the initiative to support their 292 dairy farmers, with profits going directly to local communities and farms.

“Working hand-in-hand with Australia’s oldest dairy co-operative means Eden Brew can innovate at scale to offer a further choice to consumers rather than competing against traditional dairy products,” says Dr Marshall.

Eden Brew is currently in the process of prototype testing at the CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre in Victoria, wit the first product expected to launch in the next 18 months.