Adam Cotterell of Melbourne’s City Wine Shop has been awarded dux of the 2015 Len Evans Tutorial.

In addition to securing judging positions at the Sydney Royal Wine Show and the National Wine Show in Canberra, Cotterell’s prize includes business class flights to Europe where be will visit some of the continent’s most famous wine houses.

This year’s tutors included James Halliday, Ian McKenzie, Iain Riggs, Gary Steel and Michael Hill Smith, with the 12 Scholars heralding from the fields of winemaking, viticulture, liquor retailing, restaurants, marketing and journalism.

Commenting on this year’s tutorial, Iain Riggs, Len Evans Tutorial convener and tutor said: “This group highlighted the fact that the Trustees recognise the ongoing need for high caliber wine show judges and that the industry now needs professionals that can take the premium Australian wine message to a greater audience.

“These are the guys at the forefront of grape growing, winemaking and selling premium wine. The dramatic increase in sales of imported wine shows a sophisticated consumer. A better awareness of premium Australian wine and where it sits in relation to imported wine, is essential to the industry getting its message out to the world.”


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