PACIFIC Shared Services is a leader in helping organisations transform their business-critical HR operations to deliver more effective and efficient people-critical services. 

We help our clients become better employers through smarter, more streamlined business processes, to save money, to manage employee life cycles, and support well connected agile organisations. 

Each and every aspect of our business benefits from our commitment to customer service, attention to detail, and time-critical service delivery. 

The combination of our desire to exceed our clients’ expectations and our ability to take the obstacles and guesswork out of Payroll and Bookkeeping Management puts us at the leading edge of Shared Service trends.

1. Payroll Management

Our Payroll Shared Service will fully automate and streamline your Payroll function. The service will be specifically tailored to comprehensively meet your needs and will ensure full compliance with all Payroll-related legal obligations. In addition, you will have access to a wide range of reports that provide you with valuable management and financial information ensuring that you are always on top of the Payroll aspects of your business.

2. Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service function gives your employees the ability to access and maintain personal, pay, leave and other information through a secure online portal. 

By using a central database of employee information, we streamline otherwise time consuming paper based systems into efficient web based workflows – relieving your staff of administration so they can focus on more strategic tasks. Managers and Supervisors have access to employee contact information anytime anywhere.

3. Superannuation Fulfilment

Superannuation Fulfilment fully automates the calculation of both Employer and Employee superannuation contributions and the transmission of proceeds to the relevant Superannuation Funds. This completely eliminates a messy and time consuming component of employee management and ensures that you will never miss or be late in paying your compulsory superannuation contributions.

4. General Ledger Integration

General Ledger (GL) Integration automatically produces a file at the end of each payroll process that is automatically posted to your XERO Accounts system.

You can specify which payroll codes relate to specific which GL codes. The principal benefit is that the GL Integration eliminates the need for data entry between payroll and accounts. This eliminates transposition errors enhances integrity and improves efficiency.

5. Electronic Document Management

Electronic Documents is the innovative way to store and access your documents online anywhere, anytime. It is a secure, flexible and economical option to move from paper to e-records. It increases your flexibility and record integrity.

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