2019 Australian PorkMark Ham Awards revealed

21 November, 2019 by
Hospitality Magazine

The winner of the 2019 Australian PorkMark Ham Awards has been revealed, with the bone-in ham from Noosa Meat Centre in Queensland beating out more than 140 entries to claim the gong.

Steve and Stacey Young who created the artisan bone-in ham, made with 100 percent Australian pork, credited their team for the winning ham.


“I’m a huge believer in championing Australian and this shows in the final product. Buying Australian keeps my staff in a job, our farmers in production and to be honest, the pork raised here is perfect – I will always support local breeders,” said Steven Young.

The win was revealed on Tuesday at a lunch event that aimed to bridge the rural-urban divide and support Aussie farmers.


Thirty influential voices and members of the pork industry came together in the Strand Arcade, with quick-fire conversations highlighting the a concerning fact: more than 80 per cent of the ham and bacon sold in Australia is imported.

“The problem is consumers will not actively look for hams made from Australian pork if they aren’t aware of the massive amounts of imported pork coming into this country,” said chef Manu Feildel.


“Our job — as foodies, chefs, industry and media — is to educate them. Then it’s up to Australians to seek out the high quality local product. Especially so on an occasion such as Christmas, when it’s about sharing food with those we love most.”

Australian Pork Limited marketing communications manager, Mitch Edwards, said there are some simple ways to ensure the ham is 100 percent Australian pork. “When it comes to ham, if it’s on the bone, then it’s one of our own. However, if you’re buying a boneless ham, look for an almost full bar chart on the packaging to be sure your ham is made from 100% Australian pork.”

Image: Steve and Stacey Young of Noosa Meat Centre