PayPal adds Pay at Table feature to its mobile app


PayPal adds Pay at Table feature to its mobile app
PayPal has added the Pay at Table feature to its mobile app. Image: PayPal

PayPal Australia has added the Pay at Table feature to its mobile application in a bid to minimise the effects of the controversial new Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) standards to be introduced in August.

The changes will require customers to enter their PIN rather than sign when settling a bill as a restaurant or cafe. 

Pay at Table is designed to make it easier for diners to pay their bills by eliminating the need for them to either capture a waiter’s attention or leave their table to pay.

The new feature operates by allowing PayPal customers to check into a restaurant on their smartphone, enter their table number and then pay their bill – and it is equipped with a tipping function.

Andrew Rechtman, the senior director of SMB, retail and strategy at PayPal Australia said both customers and business owners will need to adapt to the changes. 

“Not only are customers going to have to adapt to the new standards but restaurants and cafes will need to look for solutions at the checkout that are going to simplify what is destined to be a complicated payment process for both merchants and customers. 

“The Pay at Table feature delivers a tailored solution that gives restaurants and cafes direct access to over 5.5 million account holders using the PayPal digital wallet online, on-the-go and in-store," he added. 

Robert Gugliotta, the owner of Sydney-based Italian restaurant Bravo Trattoria said the app offers a cost-effective solution for business owners.

“[It]… has negated what would have been a substantial investment in new fixed terminals or mobile upgrades to comply with the new standards.

“It’s also  freed up my staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service whilst ensuring our patrons don’t have to spend any unnecessary time waiting to pay their bill," he added. 

According to PayPal, the company’s cashless and mobile wallet payment options processed $27 billion globally in mobile payment volume last year, which is an increase of almost 100 percent from 2012.

“With research indicating almost three in four Australians owning a smartphone, consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile phone to pay for everyday goods and services," said Rechtman.

“The new Pay at Table feature is just one example of how PayPal is investing in technology to simplify the payment process for restaurants, bars and cafes around Australia." 

Interested in introducing the Pay at Table app to your business? Visit the PayPal website


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