Northern Prawn Fishery makes moves towards MSC certification

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Northern Prawn Fishery makes moves towards MSC certification

Australia’s largest and most valuable prawn fishery, the Northern Prawn Fishery is on the way to becoming certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an organisation that encourages sustainable fishing practices.

The NPF catches banana and tiger prawns using otter trawling methods, which involve the use of large nets, and it has been recently recognised by the UN as a global model for sustainable fisheries management.

The MSC standard examines the sustainability of the target fish stock, the environmental impact of fishing operations and the management and governance systems that are in place.

“By entering their fishery into the MSC assessment process the NPF is showing real commitment to sustainable fishing practices, and is playing an important role in safeguarding wild-caught prawnstocks in Australia for future generations,” said Patrick Caleo, MSC manager, Australia New Zealand.

“If successful in gaining MSC certification, the NPF will be well placed to meet the ever-growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced seafood by being one of only a handful of prawn fisheries around the world certified by the MSC, and the first fishery in the world to supply MSC certified banana and tiger prawns,” he said.


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