Cat cafe to open in Meowlbourne


Cat cafe to open in Meowlbourne
A Melbourne café has taken a bit of wisdom from the streets of Tokyo by opening its very own cat café. Image: Weekend Notes

A Melbourne café has taken a bit of wisdom from the streets of Tokyo by opening its very own cat café.

Yep you read that right, Melbourne will soon have a feline friendly cat café where crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen) or simply folk that enjoy the company of cats can sip a latte while stroking Mr Bigglesworth.

Founder of the Cat Café Melbourne, Anita Loughran, said that her husband came up with the idea while the couple were on their honeymoon in Japan where cat cafes are exceptionally popular. However getting the idea off the ground required the couple to jump through their fair share of regulatory hoops.

“It did take three months for us to get permission from them (the council) and with the permission there was a list of regulations we’re going to have to comply to,” Loughran told Smart Company.

“We need to have airlocks between any food areas and the cat areas and just a lot to do with the health and hygiene side of things.”

In addition to the rigorous health as safety requirements, Loughran said that finding a site that would embrace the concept was no easy feat.

“It can be hard, even in a city like Melbourne where there’s generally quite different things around and you’d think people would be more open minded,” says Loughran. “It’s just persistence and if one way of doing something doesn’t work, do it a different away.”

Loughran ended up securing a venue at 375 Queen Street, which is adjacent to Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. Although the café won’t officially open its doors until July, Loughran says that the business has already generated an impressive fanbase with over 7,000 Facebook likes.

The couple also launched a campaign on the crowd funding website, Indiegogo to help raise funds to cover refurbishment costs.

As far as the food is concerned, Loughran says that the menu will initially feature traditional café fare.

“As the business grows we will be able to develop the menu and meals,” she said.



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