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Eat It Don't Tweet It takes aim at smartphone wielding foodies [video]


Eat It Don't Tweet It takes aim at smartphone wielding foodies [video]

Sick of watching meals go cold as social media savvy foodies photograph them from a million different angles on their smartphones?

You're not the only one. The people at The Key of Awesome, a musical comedy show spoofing celebrities and pop-culture has released a video together with American Hipster, satorising the modern day foodie.

Eat It Don't Tweet is a music video telling the story of a smartphone wielding foodie who'd rather tweet about his meal than eat it.

He's taunted by a cupcake and a lobster on his plate, who sing "You are pathetic, we’re not photogenic. Hurry it up we’re getting cold. Come down here and taste us, don’t humiliate us. No one gives a damn bout what you post".

Peter Furia, American Hipster channel director told Mashable "I love good food, but can’t stand when my friends post food porn ... For me, it falls into that category of tweeting about mundane crap".

The clip isn't the first of its kind, with a similar one called "Sh*t Foodies Say" hitting YouTube earlier this year, sending up today's wannabe food connoisseurs whose cringe-worthy lines include "Do you guys make that in house?" and "It's good, but it's not authentic".

Do you photograph your food when you eat out? Or do you work in the industry? Do you agree with the message behind Eat It Don't Tweet It?


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