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Diners can watch their meal's greens grow


The Elevated Gardens growing system.

Diners can now watch from their tables as fresh herbs and vegetables are picked from the recently launched Elevated Gardens growing system, now available for use in foodservice.

The system is designed to be on public display in domestic or foodservice environments but its solar panel means it can also be placed on a rooftop, streetscape or in a courtyard.

"Patrons can actually see the herbs growing and see the chef or someone from the ktichen picking the herbs. It would just be an amazing talking point, and [diners] are getting fresh produce straight from the source so it's a great story all round," said Tracey Perez, manager sales and marketing at Elevated Gardens.

One of Elevated Gardens' top selling points is its sustainability. The nutrient rich water is recycled, making the system highly water efficient, and the nutrient supplied to grow the plants can either be conventional or BFA certified organic. The cocopeat growing medium is also 100 percent organic and the growing tank is made from virgin, food grade, recyclable plastic.

"The growing area's about 30cm deep and then in the bottom of the garden, the rest of it is a big water reservoir and that's why it's really water efficient," Perez told Hospitality.

"So there's a water pump in there and for the outdoor model, the battery that powers the water pump is actually powered by the solar panel so you don't even have to plug it in, it's all sustainable. Everyday it automatically comes on, the water pump starts up and pumps water up through into the top growing tray and then it drips back down into the water tank below, so it's recycling all the water and is highly water efficient. You can go for a month without even having to do anything with the water, eventually it'll evaporate over time but it's really low maintenance."

While the Elevated Gardens aren't in any restaurants yet, the company is keen to expand into the foodservice scene, across the country.

The gardens come in a range of styles, sizes and colours. To find out more click here.


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