Australians tipping more than ever before: study


Australians tipping more than ever before: study
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A University of Melbourne study is suggesting that Australians are tipping more than ever before, with some in the hospitality industry arguing service standards would improve if Australia's tipping habits mirrored that of the US.

According to, PhD candidate John Frank Burgess found that tipping flourished in the US in the early 1900s when deregulation in the labour market meant hospitality staff had to boost their pay-packet with tips.

And we may soon see a similar thing here in Australia, he said.

"Australia's relatively well-regulated labour market has so far protected workers from the need to chase tips.

"But if we continue down a path of labour market deregulation, then sooner or later tipping will become normalised," he said.

Service standards in the industry would improve if tipping was the norm in Australia, like it is in the US where a 15 percent tip in standard, says Matt Mullins, a Melbourne hotelier.

"There is a lot of logic in it and I have no doubt if we had a system in Australia where staff derived a larger portion of their total income from tips, we would see better standards of service across every industry," he said.



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