Pitbull sues spirit company over cocktail name


Pitbull sues spirit company over cocktail name

Miami-based rapper, Armando Christian Perez, who goes by the stage name of Pitbull, is suing the New Amsterdam Spirits Company over the use of his name in one of the company’s vodka-based cocktails.

Perez trademarked the name “Pitbull” in 2000, and is suing the Californian based spirits company - which is a subsidiary of E&J Gallo Winery - for copyright infringement, TMZ reports.

Perez officially endorses another vodka brand, Voli, which also promotes a drink named after the rapper. Perez is reported to be demanding a share of the profits made from “The Pit Bull” cocktail, as well as the removal of his name from the company’s website and all promotional material.



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