Game of Thrones wine to be launched by Sydney ad agency


Game of Thrones wine to be launched by Sydney ad agency

Sydney based advertising agency, Common Ventures has announced a side project that has got the internet buzzing, a Game of Thrones wine range.

The Wines of Westeros range consists of twelve wines named after the “Great Houses” and clans in the HBO series, and will feature both red and white varietals.

“The reds are all associated with the houses that are head strong and robust. The whites on the other hand are more cunning, perceptive and mysterious,” Jane Burhop of Common Ventures told trend site,

“Whether this becomes a coveted item for the fans or a bottle opened with every episode, this wine is made to be drunk with friends and to help soften the blow of the shock and heartache as our favourite characters are slowly killed off,” she said.

The wines themselves will be sourced from local Australian wineries with Sauvignon Blancs representing the Arryn, Greyjoy, White Walker, Wilding and Stark clans, and Tyrells represented as a Chardonnay.

The red wines will be represented through the Baratheon and Lannister clans as Pinot Noirs, while Dothraki will feature as a Merlot, Martells as a Cabernet Sauvignon, and both the Targaryen and the Night’s Watch House’s will be bottled as a Shiraz.

The bottles are expected to be released just in time for the new season of the HBO series to air and will cost around $20 AU per bottle.



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