Wotif the destination for authentic hotel reviews


Wotif the destination for authentic hotel reviews
Wotif claims all of its online hotel reviews are authentic. Image: plus.google.com/u/0/+wotif

Online travel platform Wotif claims it has the highest number of authentic Australian hotel reviews of any other website. 

According to Wotif's market intelligence manager, Chris Tempelman, the reviews are authentic because they are posted by real customers.

To post a review on the website, people must have booked accommodation through Wotif and stayed at the hotel they review.  

 “Our customers can only complete a review by invitation, which we email to them a couple of days after they’ve checked out of the hotel,” he said.  

 “By allowing customers to complete reviews on an invite-only basis, it ensures we provide authentic, precise and non-biased reviews.”

Tempelman added Wotif’s review template is simple to complete, which ensures information conveyed in the reviews is relevant and useful. 

 “We simply ask reviewers to give a score out of five for location, value, facilities, service and cleanliness and to tell us the best and worst thing about the hotel,” he said.

“That way we’re able to get straight to the information people want to read when making a decision about where to stay when they travel.”

The online reviews imply guests that stay at hotels listed on Wotif are generally satisfied. “On average, 79 percent of reviews on Wotif are rated four, or above, out of five.

"Our depth of positive reviews shows most people who book on Wotif have a positive travel experience and are happy to share their feedback and advice with other travellers," added Tempelman.

The website has published more than 820,000 reviews of hotels across Australia since launching its reviews functionality in 2011, and receives more than 50 new hotel reviews each hour.

In addition, Wotif has the most reviews of Australian hotels and it has reached one million accommodation reviews globally.

"We're proud to have more Australian hotel reviews than any other site," Tempelman said.


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