Hotel outsourcing on the rise


Hotel outsourcing on the rise
Harish Rao of Sundaram Business Services notes Australian hotels are increasingly looking to outsource back office services.

According to global outsourcing provider Sundaram Business Services, outsourcing back office services is becoming increasingly common in the Australian hotel industry. 

While the practice is not yet widespread in Australia, the company’s global head of business development Harish Rao notes interest in the practice is growing.

This is particularly the case amongst resort hotels and hotels in regional areas as they tend to face difficulties in attracting competent accounting staff.  

Rao said hotels could streamline operations by outsourcing their accounting, which would in turn make them more efficient.

“Owners of hotels want a streamlined accounting process that delivers good quality and timely reporting, with clear visibility of financials across properties and across revenue lines, within a property.

“Outsourcing gives hotel groups with fragmented and transient finance teams the opportunity to centralise operations, which in turn leads to efficiency gains.”  

He said hotels both large and small have registered their interest in the company's outsourcing services.

“Many smaller groups are interested because they don’t have access to the benefits of processing scale, and we can provide that. Likewise, we can cater to large multinational chains as well.”

Hotels are also increasingly looking to outsource their email and internet based reservation services.

“Reservations that are not voice based, such as email or internet based bookings can easily be centralised, allowing them the option of flexibly scaling resources up or down, depending on seasonal workload,” said Rao.

Sundaram Business Services currently provides outsourcing services in areas including accounts payable, accounts receivable, income audit, payroll and reservations to a number of Australian hotel groups.


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